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We are a locally owned and operated business serving the Commercial, Institutional, Industrial & Agricultural sectors.
We have been serving London and much of southwestern Ontario since 1960 and with our extensive years of experience we can be a large benefit to your project.




  Why choose Hobbs?​

  • ​Our current and considerable experience in this ever-changing field​

  •  Hold licenses for municipal (London), provincial, and TSSA
  • Reasonable pricing, quality workmanship, prompt and professional service​​


   Original Equipment Manufacturers call us to

   install, set up and service their equipment...



So, Hobb it- you'll love it!

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Welding at the beach
Gas Train Assembly and testing
Heating Hydronics Controls
Blow down tanks and piping
Pump Replacement
Wiring Diagnostics
Boiler Staging
Boiler Staging
Boiler Tube Replacement
Boiler Door Replacement
Boiler staging and installation
Heat exchanger cleaning
Custom Welded High Pressure Piping
Boiler Installation
Steam Locomotive Repair

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